Playground Wikado

For the foundation “Kinderparadijs Meidoorn” needed a new playground on their 1,200 m2 plot. The existing playground was in poor condition and in dire need of renovation. Superuse mapped the old situation and selected the elements that were suitable for reuse in a new playground. After this step, a design was made.

Five discarded windmill blades were placed around an existing concrete circle and used to create a maze-like space with a panna cage in the middle. The base of the blades is deployed as four towers, each with its own character. The sawn-off sections are scattered through the garden and connect the towers. A climbing net hangs between these towers, but also prevents balls from ending up in neighbours’ gardens.

Besides the blades, slides and paving stones have been reused. The paving stones were applied vertically, reducing the surface area, and the new wood chip surface can better cope with peak rainfall. The reuse saves about 90% on carbon emissions compared to a normal playground.

The abstract shape of the blades gives children the freedom to fantasise where and what they play. One time they are pirates on a ship, another time princesses in a castle or rabbits in a burrow. Tapping into children’s creativity is one of the best things this playground does.

Superuse, Kinderparadijs Meidoorn & GKB groep
Realised Oktober 2008

Rotterdam | The Netherlands