Say hello to Blade–Made.

Blade–Made transforms waste into long lasting objects that are functional, beautiful and sustainable.


Blade–Made started in 2021 to bring the ideas of Superuse to market. New Citizen Design and Newton Brown Urban Design joined to strengthen our networks and change the way End of Life blades are treated, with a focus on Europe and North America.

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Facts & Figures

Blade–Made tries to communicate openly about our achievements and failures. Blade–Made products (bench/planter/…) outperform most non-biobased alternatives in the same product category, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. Precise calculations can be made for your order on request.

BladeMade_Barrier_Superuse-AP_JdK_concept Blade Bridge Blade Barrier Blade Bench

So far we have reused 27 windmill blades in various projects, from playgrounds to urban furniture, signposting, shelters and art works.


Up to 90% carbon reduction is possible in comparison to conventional solutions in the same category.



Better environmental and social impact of waste blades by curbing large scale landfilling and incineration.


Increase adoption of designs made with end of life blades.


Secure business and design opportunities for the cascaded reuse of end of life blades. Let us work our magic!


Prototype and develop a variety of viable Blade Made designs that truly reduce virgin resource and energy use.

Product portfolio

In the past years we have made several Blade–Made installations that lead to a wide range of potential products. Besides our built examples we have ideas of where the blades can be put to good use. For a first selection of these concepts you can visit our product page.

Blade–Made Playground Wikado | Rotterdam NL | Design by Superuse Slide Tower Seating log
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Our team

Blade–Made is an impact company established by its creators from Superuse, their long-time ambassadors from New Citizen Design and their US partner Newton Brown Urban Design. Blade–Made has an international, heterogenous and effectively aligned organization to service global markets on a local level.

Blade–Made team
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