Blade Made

Fantastic Playgrounds
Kids can project their imagination on these landscapes full of opportunities of play, available from small to extra large
Urban Furniture
Seating arrangements for urban squares, along hiking trails in nature or for campus environments.
Time for a new approach
Blade Made is transforming the waste from windturbines to functional and beautiful objects.
Time for a new approach
Blade Made is transforming the waste from windturbines to functional and beautiful objects.

Installations, products and concepts


Installations are made on demand according to a specific location based design. For the design we cooperate with Superuse, the Dutch pioneers in reusing windmill blades for urban functions. As installations you can imagine the following, but not limited to;

– Playgrounds

– Urban Furniture

– Artworks

– Sound barriers

– Shelters


In the future we want to develop whole-blade strategies and transform blades into products that you can order directly. Custom features can be developed as installations.


To tackle the large flow of discarded blades we envision new concepts like sound barriers along highways. We expect we can use roughly 200 blades per kilometer.

Blade Made team

Blade Made is an impact company established by its creators from Superuse, their long-time ambassadors from New Citizen Design and their US partner Newton Brown Urban Design. Blade Made has an international, heterogenous and effectively aligned organization to service global markets on a local level.

Design and Research

Market Lead Europe, Stakeholderengagement

Market Lead North America

Almost 15 years ago, the architects of Superuse came to the realization that discarded blades of windmills could be a beautiful and durable building material. They started to design playgrounds and later outdoor furniture from them. Gradually, they came to the realize that with the lack of recycling options, their re-purpose strategy would be the best immediate effective way to tackle waste of decommissioned windmill blades. Their research knowledge, material know-how, design experience and proof of concept, make them the heart of the Blade Made company.


Superuse was awarded many research and design prizes. Most recently the were honored as Winner of the ARC ‘21 Oeuvre Award for their unique structural architectural design approach to reuse existing materials and realize beautiful, functional design with low carbon footprint. As a founder and former partner of Superuse Studios, Césare Peeren now works from the entity Superuse on Site.

Established in 2017, the founders of New Citizen Design set out to produce spatial design that catches the positive human energy to tackle the challenges of the multiple megashifts in our present day world. Soon they came to partner up with Superuse on-Site for the Blade Made outdoor designs and playgrounds. The founders of New Citizen Design combine business development qualities with their idealistic purposes for a better world, both environmentally and socially. It is reflected in their co-operations with designers, production companies and clients. Its founders have over 30 years of experience from production and sales background and from strategy consultancy and conceptualization.

NBUD provides outdoor and indoor street furniture, site elements and custom made architectural elements for public spaces. They have partnerships with passionate and skilled manufacturers that communicate openly, use smart engineering and innovative techniques for integrated approaches. Newton Brown Urban Design supports the use of durable and sustainable materials, while using authentic products to create better environments. As a representative and ambassador in the USA of several international site furnishing collections and manufacturing companies, they provide unique domestic partnerships for Blade Made.


NBDU is MBE certified and certified vendor for the State of New York and for New York City. They are an authorized vendor for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and certified Brooklyn Made.



North America

Jos de Krieger


Tonny Wormer


Ton Agelink

NEwton brown urban design