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Blade Made transforms waste into long lasting objects that are functional, beautiful and sustainable, such as ...


Blade Made started in 2021 to bring the ideas of Superuse to market. New Citizen Design and Newton Brown Urban Design joined to strengthen our networks and change the way End of Life blades are treated, with a focus on Europe and North America.

Global wind energy generation grew 517% in the past ten years, bringing public attention to the growing challenge of end-of-life (EOL) blades made of glass/carbon fiber reinforced plastics (GRP). These still difficult to recycle poly-composite blades exist worldwide and require a solution that can also be adopted worldwide.


Blade Made is a design strategy to (re)use EOL blades in large-scale design as a viable alternative to, or step prior to, blade recycling. Wind blades have inherent design, engineering, material, aesthetic, ergonomic and iconic properties that make them suitable as building elements. Especially for large scale outdoor urban and public space furniture and elements that require durable, ergonomic immovable, vandalism proof materials.


With an appropriate design approach, EOL blades can add great social, environmental and economic value to design projects while storing blades in functional upcycled use until viable recycling or other disposal methods are fully developed.


... playgrounds ...

Facts & Figures

blades reused

So far we have reused windmill blades in various projects, from playgrounds to urban furniture, signposting, shelters and art works.

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Carbon reduction

Up to 90% carbon reduction is possible in comparison to conventional solutions in the same category.

... urban furniture ...



Better environmental and social impact of waste blades by curbing large scale landfilling and incineration.


Increase adoption of designs made with end of life blades.


Prototype and develop a variety of viable Blade Made designs that truly reduce virgin resource and energy use.


Secure business and design opportunities for the cascaded reuse of end of life blades.
Let us work our magic!

... sound barriers, bridges and more!

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Our team

Blade Made is an impact company established by its creators from Superuse, their long-time ambassadors from New Citizen Design and their US partner Newton Brown Urban Design. Blade Made has an international, heterogenous and effectively aligned organization to service global markets on a local level.

Superuse is an international architecture collective for circular and sustainable design, founded in 1997 and has been working on Blade Made designs since 2006.

New Citizen Design is a producing agent for spatial designs that catch the positive energy to tackle aspects of the radical shifts of our contemporary era.

Newton Brown Urban Design provides ideas and concepts, innovative products, integrated solutions and educational speaking sessions. 

Think global, Act local.