Circulair Value Chains

With Blade–Made we aim to create a Circular Value Chain (Circulair KetenProject) to connect all partners involved in the wind industry and with relevant outside partners. Wind blade manufacturers, wind park owners and decommissioners are at the beginning of the current value chain.

With Blade–Made we add storage facilities, contractors and designers to the network to turn waste blades into functional objects for public space. With Blade–Made we connect to stakeholders in public space, ranging from local governments and communities to bigger semi-public entities and corporates.

Currently Blade–Made is in the process of looking at ±20m long blades, since they are widely available. In the near future we would like to partner with wind park owners to look at the blades that are up for decommission in the coming years. For these blades a second life use is designed and we, or sometimes the blade owner, connect(s) to local stakeholders to find locations for these objects. Local partners should be able to build, transform and maintain the Blade–Made objects and we want to create opportunities for a third life or high-end recycling.

In the Netherlands Blade–Made has formed such a Value Chain with Business in Wind as decommissioner, Dura Vermeer Urban Miner as storage facility, GKB Groep as contractor, Superuse as designer, The Footprinters as carbon footprint calculator and New Citizen Design as stakeholder engagement facilitator.

Feel free to contact us to talk about opportunities to explore the potential of a circular value chain is possible in your region.

Circulair Value Chain for wind turbine blades

Regional Value Chains