The Dutch Circular Value Chain

Installed turbines in The Netherlands
Estimated waste blades annually, and growing…
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Business in Wind is the decomissioner within this CVC. It was founded in 2018 to offer a professional solution for the large number of turbines that needed dismantling within West-Europe. In other regions, they have already given many turbines a second life. They offer the professionality a dismantling project needs to conform to wind energy norms.

Urban Miner is the logistic circular hub within this CVC. Urban Miner is a startup (2021) by Dura Vermeer. Its a unique circular construction hub, focussed on closing chains for construction and infrastructural activities. The hub is a specified location where they, besides sustainable construction logistics, also temporarily store, process and repurpose used construction materials and building parts.

Superuse is the product designer and secretary within this CVC. Superuse is also known under the trade-mark Blade-Made, as startup in formation, which won them the Pioneer of the Year 2022 award. Superuse is specialised in circular design and has recently realised numerous designs under the Blade-Made flag using wind turbine blades in Rotterdam, Terneuzen and Almere amongst others.

GKB groep is the outdoor space contractor and producer within this CVC. GKB groep is specialised in designing smart, innovative machines and materials for complex situations and challenges outdoors. They were involved as contractor with 4 of the former specified projects with wind turbine blades.

The Footprinters is the sustainability advice agency that deals with the life cycle analysis and the impact calculations within the different phases of the project. The goal of the Footprinters is to reach a sustainable world as fast as possible. They do this by calculating environmental impact and by helping companies reduce them.

New Citizen Design, as design-producer and design-thinker, fills the spaces between design, materialisation, production, logistics, promise and client. They are focussed on design collaborations. They have been part of Blade-Made’s business since 2017. From this experience, it has become clear that a circular product such as urban furniture demands a focussed stakeholder approach.