Playground Terneuzen

The municipality of Terneuzen wanted an iconic playground on a small beach next to the harbour. The location is outside the dykes and can flood from time to time making it a wondrous swamp-like environment including a primordial gully. This topography put higher demands on the construction which could be met with the choice of windmill blades as material.

We cut up two windmill blades, the amount that would best fit the scale of the project. Some parts were placed lying down, some standing up, with cutouts to create inside spaces. Climbing frames, ropes, ladders and

a slide were added to create more diversity in play. The composition of the blades looks like a stranded submarine, and this nautical character was emphasized by the use of white and blue.

A pathway made of repurposed Azobé wood from former river bank protection runs between two dykes, past the playground. Seating was added to the pathway and the space between the pathway and the playground became a big sandbox. With these additions, the area became a place of recreation for all ages.

Gemeente Terneuzen & GKB groep
Realised December 2016

Terneuzen | The Netherlands