Our team

Blade–Made team

Blade–Made is an impact company established by its creators from Superuse, their long-time ambassadors from New Citizen Design and their US partner Newton Brown Urban Design.

Blade–Made has an international, heterogenous and effectively aligned organization to service global markets on a local level.

Design and Research


Superuse is an international architecture collective for circular and sustainable design, founded in 1997 and has been working on Blade Made designs since 2006.

Superuse Studios NL BV

Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

+3110 4664 444


Market Lead Europe


New Citizen Design is a producing agent for spatial designs that catch the positive energy to tackle aspects of the radical shifts of our contemporary era.

New Citizen Design

Museumpark 25
3015 CB, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

+316 2866 6600


Market Lead North America


Newton Brown Urban Design provides ideas and concepts, innovative products, integrated solutions and educational speaking sessions.
Think global, Act local.

Newton Brown Urban Design

106 W 32nd St

New York, NY 10001, United States

+1347 879 4869